Troyan - Bulgaria

Capacity: 80.000 PE(60) with 29.000 m3/d

Commissioned: 2011

Process: Activated sludge plant with floating / moving fine bubble OXIWORKS®aeration according to BIOWORKS® design.



The waste water treatment plant is located the city of Troyan, Bulgaria, which is situated in the north of the Balkan mountains and teats the waste water of the municipality Troyan.

The plant is built as activated sludge process with N- and P-removal. The biological stages has been designed in two parallel lines with 14.500 m3/d each. Activated sludge basin and cross clarifier are built in one basin. Existing mechanical pre-treatment stages (screen, sand-trap and pre-settling) has been considered and integrated in the design.

The project was realized in a consortium as turn-key project. BIOWORKS® has done basic design, delivered and commissioned equipment for the biological treatment and disinfection by UV-treatment. The excellent treatment of the waste water helps to improve the water quality of the river Osam.



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