Oued Laou - Morocco


Capacity: 37.500 PE (60) with 3.117 m3/d

Commissioned: 2015

Process: Activated sludge plant with extended aeration and floating/ moving fine bubble aeration according to BIOWORKS® design. Tertiary treatment with micro-filters and UV-disinfection.



The waste water treatment plant in Oued Laou is an activated sludge treatment with extended aeration and tertiary treatment and UV disinfection. The sludge from the WWTP is aerobically digested and odor free. The surplus sludge is dewatered mechanically using a centrifuge.

The total flow treated by the WWTP is 3.117 m³/d. In order to be more flexible and be able to respond efficiently to the seasonal flow fluctuation the design of the biological lines was chosen as follows: two lines for a flow of approx. 500 m³/d and two lines for a flow with approx. 1.000 m³/d.

The effluent water from the clarifier is fed to a drum micro filter and subsequently to a UV disinfection unit. The surplus sludge is thickened by gravity and then dewatered by centrifuge to reach a minimum dry matter content of 20 %. The plant shows excellent overall effluent values at different inlet concentrations; BOD/TSS < 2/6 mg/l.


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