Freyburg - Germany


Capacity: 27.500 PE (60) with 2.170 m3/d

Start-up: 2016

Process: Activated sludge plant with extended aeration and floating/ moving fine bubble aeration according to BIOWORKS® design.



The waste water treatment plant for Freyburg is located in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The plant treats the waste water coming from the municipality of Freyburg-Unstrut. It is an activated sludge plant with two parallel operated lines. Due to the initial poor aeration efficiency and energy performance of the plant, the old aeration system has been replaced by the high efficient floating OXIWORKS® system to guarantee low operating costs. The aeration is equipped with self-cleaning OXIRISE® for high performances and easy maintenance. There are 12 aeration chains each with 7 aerators per line.


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