OXIWORKS® Aeration System

The efficient operation of any wastewater treatment plant is largely dependent on the proper choice of the aeration system as commonly the aeration consumes 50 to 75 % of the electrical power  for the complete treatment system. Also the reliable supply of oxygen for the bacteria is of literally vital importance. Most problems on waste water treatment plants originate from lack of oxygen.

 BIOWORKS® has developed its own solution: the aeration system OXIWORKS® with the unique maintenance and cleaning system OXIRISE® - field proven in over 100 installations, of best technical quality and with highest oxygen transfer rates. OXIWORKS® was developed in particular with view on the use in BIOWORKS® low load extended aeration system. Years of experience in the field of aeration systems and detailed knowledge for the needs of the operators  enabled BIOWORKS® to develop an aeration  system that combines energy efficiency, durability and easy maintenance in one product.

 BIOWORKS® uses the basic principle of the floating and moving aeration for the aeration of its treatment plant. Similar systems had been used worldwide for decades in numerous cases, in full activated sludge plants, but also in aerated lagoons and other applications.

 BIOWORKS® pushed the evolution of this system a step further, upgraded it with highly efficient fine bubble producing diffuser membranes made from silicon and developed the unique maintenance system OXIRISE®.

 Because of underlying principle of the self propelled lateral movement of the floating air pipes, the suspended fine bubble OXIWORKS® diffuser is moving laterally in the activated sludge basin, thus reaching zones with lower oxygen contents, while using no energy for this mixing movement.

 Floating aeration systems as used by BIOWORKS® are inherently easier to maintain than any fixed system. Since the diffusers in the OXIWORKS® system don´t need to be anchored to the tank floor, they can be maintained during the operation without emptying the basin.

 However the manual pulling up of diffusers was sometimes cumbersome, mostly due to the slippery hoses, and the weight of the diffuser elements. The BIOWORKS® team responded to this particular request from the field with the development of the maintenance and cleaning system OXIRISE® (patented). This working principle is stunningly simple. Each individual diffuser can be brought up to the water surface by injecting pressurized air over a special air distribution system into the diffuser body. Furthermore the selective air flushing of the diffuser membrane will result in a self cleaning effect.

 The OXIWORKS® diffuser is a quality product, made in Germany, developed in-house by our aeration specialists. We use use solely durable and corrosion proof plastics or high quality stainless steel. The diffuser membranes are made from temperature- and acid resistant silicone. OXIWORKS® diffusers are in full compliance with the latest state of technology.

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