Our Goals

BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is a 100 % owner led engineering company, which heavily focuses on permanent optimization and innovation of its technologies.  We are also driven by our strong conviction, that we, the residents on planet earth, have only one planet to live on and that it is our common duty to protect and preserve this world and its environment.

We have defined our goals:

  • We envision to accomplish affordable waste water treatment in all regions of the world, thus improving the environmental situation and enhancing the daily life of the affected people, wherever possible
  • We provide cost effective, highly efficient and durable process treatment solutions, which will serve trouble free for years to come
  • We will simplify technological processes and will avoid unnecessary complexity in order to improve operation and maintenance, especially in countries with low level of education and industrial practice
  • We wish to enter a true dialog with our clients, advise and counsel them properly, in order to obtain the optimal solution for their waste water problem
  • We understand ourselves as reliable and trustworthy partners, and commit ourselves to serve and support long after the commissioning and finalization of the treatment plant
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