About us

BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is one of the world´s leading companies in waste water treatment. 

Since its foundation in 2007 in Germany, BIOWORKS® has realized over 120 projects in 25 countries of the world and has firmly established its role as a true global player in waste water technology.

BIOWORKS® offers full design and execution of process solutions for a whole variety of waste water treatment. Our process and products portfolio comprises traditional treatment technologies as well as innovative and highly efficient solutions, based on our field proven BIOWORKS® process including the OXIWORKS® aeration system.

To that regard, BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is the world leader in the design and realization of the large scale extended aeration process with the submerged moving fine bubble aeration and integrated secondary clarifier, commonly referred to by use as the BIOWORKS® process.

Our team of engineers will assist and accompany you with full project management, from conceptual design until commissioning of the waste water treatment project.

Today BIOWORKS® remains as one of the very few international companies, who can supply first class engineering and highly professional execution of waste water treatment plants, from A-Z.

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