Outstanding Features

• No electricity or weather dependent energy sources (solar panels or wind generators) are required.

• State of the art technology in water treatment (ultrafiltration) made available and affordable.

• Two stage filtration, micro filtration followed by ultra filtration.

• Completely self-cleaning pressurized “Automatic Backwash,” which increases efficiency and durability.

• Integrated small chlorination tank, for maintenance cleansing of membrane.

• Optional activated Carbon filter.

• No vulnerable and theft-prone (electronic) components.

• Treats both surface and ground water (well water).

• Fully complying with WHO standards.

• Easy to operate and maintain.

• Modular and portable.

• 500 liters per hour of pure drinking water.

• Larger capacities of 1000, 1500, and 2000 liters per hour can be achieved by using multiple Villagepump units.

• Top quality, robust, it’s made in Germany.

The leading potable water solution for rural areas, independent from any external energy source

tl_files/Pics/villagepump/villagepump.jpgProvision of clean and safe drinking water in rural areas, next to sanitation, has been the key focus of governments around the world. This is also a prime concern to the WHO, UNESCO and foreign aid organizations (NGO’s).

The Villagepump is the perfect solution for rural and remote areas with problematic water sources. It is a manually operated and very compact water treatment unit which provides 500 liters per hour of purified drinking water, in full compliance with WHO standards for potable water. The innovative water treatment system is based on a multistage filtration process that not only removes suspended solids like traditional water treatment systems, but also expels pathogen viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and cysts.


Stand-Alone Unit

The Villagepump is a standalone-unit that is operated manually. It is completely independent from any external power source. The Villagepump can be used for treatment of the following water sources:
• Fresh surface water bodies, like rivers and lakes
• Water storage systems
• Underground water, using deep wells up to 20m depth



The Technology

The heart of the Villagepump consists of an ultrafiltration unit (UF) in combination with an innovative pressurized backwash system. The UF technology has been successfully applied across the world in industrial and municipal (drinking) water treatment since the 1970‘s. In the past 20 years, utrafiltration technology has become a very reliable, effective, and efficient method for non-chemical water treatment. By creating a separation barrier with very small pores, ultrafiltration blocks pathogens, bacteria and viruses. The backwash system is fully automatic and utilizes “smart” valves that require no external power source.

The Villagepump is based on multistage filtration


1. Micro-Filtration: A self-flushing suction micro filter that automatically removes particles and suspended solids > 50 Microns, like silt, sand, and grit
2. Ultra-filtration: The membrane module blocks bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and cysts while allowing vital minerals to pass through.
3. Activated carbon filter (optional).This stage removes color and odor. In addition, it improves taste.


The membrane filter employs self-cleansing ‘smart valves’ for backwashing, to flush out any particles and solids that get stuck in the membrane. Fully automatic backwash occurs every 5 to 8 minutes, this process is not interrupted even when water is pumped at the same time. The automated backwash is pressurized, this increases efficiency and durability, thus extending the service life.