Technology waste water


With worldwide rising awareness for the protection of our environment, requirements for waste water treatment are increasing, carbon-, nitrogen- and phosporous-compounds have to be eliminated to the greatest possible degree. The BIOWORKS© process not only guarantees our client that this target is achieved, it furthermore enables him to do so under low investment and O&M costs.


Technology potable water


Drinking water is the most important resource for mankind. In the past, a lot of the available natural reservoirs of industrial nations have been carelessly polluted. Without treatment, many of such resources are no longer suitable for human consumption.
In the emerging countries, the pollution of the available reserves is increasing because of expanding agriculture and industries.


Our profile

At a time where clean water is often called "the oil of the 21st century" and the global demand for this precious resource is under a continuous increase, our clients face enormous challenges.  BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is your experienced and reliable partner for water- and waste water treatment worldwide: with highly effective technology, efficient process solutions and cooperative dialogue.

BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is part of the BIOWORKS® AG, an international company group focussing on water- and waste water treatment. Our staff- around 35 engineers and specialized personnel as well as over 60 employees in our affiliate companies worldwide- are experts when it comes to the design and execution of water- and waste water treatment plants. We accumulate more than 30 years of practical and international experience in full design, supply, realization and commissioning of water- and waste water treatment projects.


Highly effective technology

BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH offer full design and execution of process solutions for a whole series of  tasks related to water- and waste water treatment:

  • Waste water treatment and full nutrient removal with the BIOWORKS®  system
  • High efficient fine bubble aeration systems
  • Effluent filtration and disinfection
  • Surplus sludge treatment
  • Ground- and surface water treatment

Our engineers will assist and accompany you with full project management, from conceptual design until commissioning of water- and waste water treatment projects.


Efficiency in investment

We always try to build the most efficient plant. In order to accomplish this target, we have numerous tools at our disposal.
Exemplary can be mentioned our special design and construction type, our in-house developed aeration system OXIWORKS®, structured and successful internal project management (certified according to ISO 9001) and last but not least our competence as system provider, who takes full responsibility from design until commissioning .


Cost effective operation

An important cost factor is the reliable and trouble-free operation of a treatment plant. Thus our services don´t stop with commissioning. We assist our clients with operation and monitoring and can provide consulting and training of the operating personnel.  This enables the owner to operate his plant - with best possible cleaning result under low energy demand -  in an effective and efficient way.


Safety and reliabilty

Safety and reliability are key factors in this particularly sensitive area of environmental technology.
That´s why we, as a process provider who are responsible for the engineering, supply and execution of the plant, can offer a process guarantee for our designs.
BIOWORKS® as  an 100 %  owner led and operated company stand for values like trustworthiness and reliability.
Growth at any cost is not an option for us, we closely investigate every project with regard to feasibility, in the best interest for our client.
This client oriented perspective is reflected also by our responsible and highly qualified experts.


Dialogue and partnership

Out of experience we know: Our clients need real partnership and deep knowledge of the local conditions.
BIOWORKS® cooperates with international partners and has created a global network of affiliate companies which, in close cooperation with the headquarter, can execute projects according to local requirements and laws.

Furthermore personal dialogue and presence is important for the success.  Our expert staff travels to the project location and is communicating directly with our partners, our clients and local consultants.
The executive management of BIOWORKS® is always prepared to go to any place in the world, in order to analyze the situation and to find working process solutions for even the most serious waste water problems.
We can proudly say that up to now we were able to cope even with the most challenging requirements.


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